Image of Jonesport Elementary School

Jonesport Elementary School

Dr. Debra Lay , Principal
Lisa Graham, Administrative Assistant
139 Snare Creek Lane
Jonesport, ME 04649
Phone: 207-497-2830
Fax: 207-497-5912
Email: Dr. Debra Lay

Welcome to Jonesport Elementary School, home of the orange and black Falcons!
Our K-8 school is located on a scenic 11-mile peninsula in Downeast Maine and has about 145 students. Our town is the home of a large lobster-fishing fleet and our community offers spectacular views of Maine's coast and islands.
We are dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment where teachers offer strong programs in reading, math, language arts, science, social studies and health. In addition, we also offer computer (students in grade 5-8 have laptops), music, art and physical education. We will strive to ensure that all of our students will be provided with the support necessary to enable them to reach their fullest potential. We hope to help children become good ambassadors for our school and for our community.

Our mission is to: Learn - Encourage - Teach - Succeed

District Core Beliefs and Values:
~ All children deserve a caring, nurturing learning experience in a safe, healthy environment;
~ Children's lives are influenced by many factors; therefore, it is essential that a variety of people be a part of their education: families, communities, teachers, and most importantly, the students themselves;
~ Each child has a different background and set of learning capabilities; schools need to keep this in mind and give every child the opportunity to learn to his/her potential;
~ School is an important part of a life-long learning process;
~ Education should be an interesting and stimulating experience for all children;
~ Schools play an important part in the development and enhancement of student self-esteem;
~ Respect and accountability should be among the chief lessons we teach children;
~ Schools should be places where teachers and students, alike, have high expectations for themselves and each other;
~ Open, honest communication is the lifeblood of any good school;
~ All children should leave school prepared to be productive, responsible members of global society.


We will be updating our website throughout the year, so come back and visit us soon!

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